Thursday, September 9, 2010

Agility- Donovan and Margot go Bronze!!

At the Roadster trials this past weekend Donovan and Margot earned their Agility Association of Canada Bronze Award of Merit and also his Bronze Expert Jumpers title.
This team has hit their stride and are working beautifully together and we are so proud of their accomplishments.
This must put our Dono's titles up around 25 in number.
Tyson and Donovan are Gatsby sons and along with Raffi, Dexter, Monaco and Tanu are doing their fathers proud in their accomplishments.

Agility- Wonderful New Title MADC

Reigate's Tyson To The Line CD,RN, MADC

Tyson has gone MADC or so the saying goes. Barb and Tyson earned his Masters Agility Dog Of Canada title last weekend at the Roadsters trials. We are so proud of this team and the fun of watching the speed demon finally hit all the contacts to get this title!! It is not far now to the ATCH.