Monday, July 10, 2017

***Reigate Beyond The Moon Star at Nosework***

Mitch at Nosework this weekend

 Today Mitch completed his SDDA Advanced title, passing his Interior Search component with a perfect score.  Also with a perfect score he passed the Excellent Container component.  To achieve his Excellent title he still needs both Interior and Exterior Search passes.  I may try in the fall, but it's been bloody cold the last two trials, standing outside all day in rain. (Margot)

Reigate Beyond the Moon, CKC titles - CD, AgN, AgNJ, CGN, RN.  AAC
titles - ADC, AGDC, MGDC, MSDC.  SDDA title - SD-A To achieve his MADC, he needs one more Standard Q, and for his ATCHC he needs the Standard Q plus a Jumper Q.