Friday, July 26, 2013

Agility and Rally Reigate Poodles

Here are three of our dogs who are actively involved in performance events including
Obedience, agility, and rally.
 Left To Right
Reigate Summer Breeze RN (Rally Novice)
Reigate Armani RN (Rally Novice), AGN.S (CKC agility) AGNJ.S (Agility Novice Jumpers with Weaves), AGI.S (Intermediate Select), AGIJ.S (Intermediate Jumpers with Weaves)
Reigate Yessir That's My Baby RN, one leg in her CD and one leg in Advanced Rally.
Of course their wonderful Mom and trainer Barb who helps it all come together.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Ch. Reigate Dawin On The Move

Ch. Reigate Dawin On The Move (aka Jolene) finished her Canadian Championship as a puppy and then due to my back surgery was cut down to play at home.
I decided to try to grow her back out in to pattern a year ago when all was well with my recovery.
Jolene's debut was at the Poodle Club of Canada National Specialty show where she won Best of Variety and Best Opposite in Specialty.  Wow, we were thrilled for sure!!  This was a thrill and especially so since Jolene had never seen or worked with Lisa Wright until ring time due to Jenna being unable to show that day.  Jenna did all the lovely preparation and then Lisa took Jolene in the ring.  Great team work both of you , thank you.

Jolene is now in the showing in the US with Sarah Perchick.

Am/Can Ch. Dawin Reigate Fire Away

Jordan finished both his Canadian and American Championships by 11 months of age.
He was expertly handled to these titles by Jenna Lostale (Cdn and US ) and Sarah Perchick (in the US).
Jordan finished in style winning both at the Poodle Club Of America and then finishing his US title with a 5 point major under respected judge Frank Sabella.
Jordan was bred by Linda Campbell of Dawin Poodles and is co-owned with Linda and myself.
Many thanks to Linda for trusting and sharing this special boy with us.

Sarah, Jordan and Judge Roger Hartinger

Judge Frank Sabella, Jordan and Sarah (5 point major to finish)