Tuesday, October 15, 2013

PCA Regional Specialties 2013

PCA Regional Specialties , Salem Oregon
We had a fabulous time at the Regional shows late September.
G Ch.  Dawin Hearts On Fire won Best In Specialty Show all three days which was absoulutely wonderful to see.  She is a very special girl bred and owned by Linda Campbell,  Dawin Poodles and handled by Sarah Perchick to perfection.
Another exciting part of the shows was that our boy Jordan (Flame's half brother) was Best Opposite to Flame on two specialty days.  Am/ Can. Ch. Dawin Reigate Fire Away was just 16 months old and handled beautifully again by Jenna Lostale.
The picture are of both Flame and Jordan at the PCA Regional and Jordan again at the Columbia Poodle Specialty.  Jordan is bred by Linda Campbell and Co-owned with myself.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Jolene in the U.S.

Am/Can Ch. Reigate Dawin On The Move
A huge Thank You to Sarah Reidl (Perchick) in the U.S.
and Jenna Lostale in Canada
Jolene is Co-bred and Co-owned with Linda Campbell, Dawin Poodles.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Phoebe and Dexter

A couple of neat photos of Phoebe and Dexter since Phoebe is in play clothes!!

Ch. Reigate Dawin Leaps And Bounds

August 21 was the third birthday for Diva and Jolene.  Diva celebrated in style with a lunch outing with Liz and a visit with her good friend Raffi.
Jolene celebrated in St. Louis with Sarah and Matt.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Agility and Rally Reigate Poodles

Here are three of our dogs who are actively involved in performance events including
Obedience, agility, and rally.
 Left To Right
Reigate Summer Breeze RN (Rally Novice)
Reigate Armani RN (Rally Novice), AGN.S (CKC agility) AGNJ.S (Agility Novice Jumpers with Weaves), AGI.S (Intermediate Select), AGIJ.S (Intermediate Jumpers with Weaves)
Reigate Yessir That's My Baby RN, one leg in her CD and one leg in Advanced Rally.
Of course their wonderful Mom and trainer Barb who helps it all come together.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Ch. Reigate Dawin On The Move

Ch. Reigate Dawin On The Move (aka Jolene) finished her Canadian Championship as a puppy and then due to my back surgery was cut down to play at home.
I decided to try to grow her back out in to pattern a year ago when all was well with my recovery.
Jolene's debut was at the Poodle Club of Canada National Specialty show where she won Best of Variety and Best Opposite in Specialty.  Wow, we were thrilled for sure!!  This was a thrill and especially so since Jolene had never seen or worked with Lisa Wright until ring time due to Jenna being unable to show that day.  Jenna did all the lovely preparation and then Lisa took Jolene in the ring.  Great team work both of you , thank you.

Jolene is now in the showing in the US with Sarah Perchick.

Am/Can Ch. Dawin Reigate Fire Away

Jordan finished both his Canadian and American Championships by 11 months of age.
He was expertly handled to these titles by Jenna Lostale (Cdn and US ) and Sarah Perchick (in the US).
Jordan finished in style winning both at the Poodle Club Of America and then finishing his US title with a 5 point major under respected judge Frank Sabella.
Jordan was bred by Linda Campbell of Dawin Poodles and is co-owned with Linda and myself.
Many thanks to Linda for trusting and sharing this special boy with us.

Sarah, Jordan and Judge Roger Hartinger

Judge Frank Sabella, Jordan and Sarah (5 point major to finish)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Am Ch. Dawin Reigate Up Up And Away

Am. Ch. Dawin Reigate Up Up And Away
Our lovely typey little girl finished her U.S. Championship with expert handler Kaz Hosaka.
Phoebe is a delightful poodle and now can move on to the many exciting things to do with Adele and Dexter.
She is bred by Linda Campbell of Dawin Poodles and co-owned by Adele Kirk, Suzanne Loblaw and Linda Campbell.
Congratulations all!!!! and many thanks to Kaz for his expertise with Phoebe.
Sire: Am/Can Ch. Dawin Avion All Systems Go (Royce)
Dam:  Am/ Can Ch. Dawin Reigate On Eagles Wings (Vicki)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Jordan and PCA 2013

We went to PCA this year and it was my first visit and also Jenna's first visit.
I have had dogs shown at PCA previously but have not been able to attend myself.
This year was just a joy from beginning to end.  We met so many wonderful people and saw  the greatest group of poodles under one roof.  It was an unforgettable experience.

Jordan was there with his brother and sisters (Aden, Sizzle and Matches) and also his Mom Jetta, Dad Alex, and half sister Flame were shown as well.
What a family of Poodles!!!

Jordan won Reserve Winners Dog for a 3 point major and then went on to win Best Puppy in variety over Winners Bitch.
Sizzle was 2nd in the highly competitive 9-12 month puppy bitch class.
Flame was SEL bitch and Mom Jetta was Best Brood Bitch in Specialty with Flame and Jordan.
Alex, Jordan's sire won an Award of Merit.
Wonderful show!!!   and a  huge "thank you"  to Jenna, Sarah and  Matt.  I must also thank Becky Arch who expertly handled our lovely blonde girl Dawin Reigate Hot Wings (Brie) in the show.

Canadian. Ch. Dawin Reigate Fire Away

CDN Ch. Dawin Reigate Fire Away

Our young boy Jordan finished his Canadian title at 9 months old in two weekends winning a
Group 4
Two Group 1sts
Two Best Puppy In Shows
One Reserve Best In Show

Jordan was handled to these fabulous wins expertly by his friend and handler Jenna Lostale.
Jordan was bred by Linda Campbell of Dawin Poodles and is co-owned by Linda and myself.

Ch. & GMOTCH Reigate You Are My Sunshine

WOW!!  what more can we say about this wonderful team of Raffi and Gillian.
It is such a treat to watch this happy team in the ring at work (or should we say play)

Raffi's titles include:

Ch. & GMOTCH Reigate You Are My Sunshine Am UD, RX, DD, AGN, AGN.J,  ADC


Reigate News to June 1st 2013

We have had a fabulous winter/spring with our dogs and want to share them on the blog.
They may not come out in the order they were achieved but we still want to share with you.
Raffi has earned his GMOTCH
Jordan has finished his CDN Championship
The agility poodles have been very busy this winter and spring
Jordan had fabulous success at PCA
Phoebe finished her US Championship last weekend
Jordan finished his US Championship last Thursday.

Sadly we have lost some wonderful Reigate dogs this spring as well.
Our dear Joy was lost by Margot and Paul  and me in March at 14 yrs old.  (Scandal and Levi)
Cher was lost by Deb and Perry in Calgary at 16 yrs old.  (Bronte and Simon)
Lexus was lost by Darla and Mike in Chemainus in April at 14 yrs.  ( Bronte and Lutin)
Reido was lost by Judi in Richmond in April.
We are saddened by your losses of these precious poodle friends.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Briggs in Vernon 2012

Here is a lovely photo of Briggs on a snowy hike in Vernon Dec 31, 2012.
Reigate Arrowsmith Avalanche RA,CRA,CGN.  He is working on agility, obedience, rally and tracking in their spare time!!  Great work Lynne!!

Ch. Reigate's Rainbows End

New photo of Reigna who is now carrying out her new duties of managing her new G-Baby Sophia in Toronto.
Reigna is the proud Momma of Raffi.

Ch.& MOTCh. Reigate's You are My Sunshine

Raffi and Gillian
 on thier wonderful achievement
for 2012
They have finished this year under the CKC point system
**Number 5**
CKC Obedience in Canada
They are very close to completing his GMOTCH so we will be watching them in 2013.
We are so proud of this wonderful team.