Sunday, May 26, 2019

*** We are expecting Puppies***

****** Puppies Are Coming ******
Reigate Standard Poodles Puppies 2019
Dam:  Can Ch. Reigate Dawin White Delight (aka Sophie)
Sire:  Multi BIS/BISS AMGRCHS/CanGRCH. Dawin Reigate Fire Away (Jordan)
Can. Ch. Reigate’s Its Time To Shine CD, AgN, MADC, MSDC, MJDC  (aka Gatsby)
We have done something unusual to many of you with this breeding.  We have done another dual sire breeding using our frozen semen from our Gatsby and then also as back up our wonderful boy Jordan live semen.  Anytime frozen is used it is done with a surgical implant breeding as frozen has a much shorter survival time once thawed.  All pups could be from one sire or all from the other sire  or ….. hopefully we will get some pups from each boy. Sophie is white.  Gatsby is black and carries a white gene and a brown gene. Jordan is dominant black.  So I hope I have not confused you completely.  This will be very exciting to see what pups come along from these lovely poodles!!!
Dual sire breeding:  All the pups will be DNA tested for parentage for registration.

The puppies are due late June. 
Genetic testing is available to view on the OFA website.