Friday, October 27, 2017

Sweet 16 th Birthday Celebration for Tanu

Reigate's Quantum Leap ATCh.

 ATCHC , Silver Award of Merit ,Versatility Bronze Award , Bronze in Rally; he came 6th in the 2005 Regionals (26 inch regular} , 2nd in the 2006 Regionals ( 26 inch regular)

It is not often enough that we get to celebrate a 16th Birthday for our poodles.
Our dear Tanu will have his 16th Birthday on Nov 6.  I am writing this now since I will be on the road travelling and need to share this now.
Tanu is a wonderful poodle boy and a great ambassador for our poodle breed.  He is owned, loved and was trained by Tracy Pickton and Marcella McDougall.

Tanu is sired by Ch. Reigate's Its Time to Shine MADC, CD and
 out of Ch. Reigate's Joy To The World CDX

Stay well and "Carry On"  special boy.
with love from Doug and I